Fire Watch And Alarms

Our fire solutions are defined to prevent, detect and inhibit fire accidents and enable additional time for people to escape.

From the initial Fire Risk Assessment to the design and installation of the appropriate fire detection and suppression technologies, We got all covered for you.

Our spectrum includes sophisticated detectors, alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire suppression systems.

People protect their businesses and homes from fire outbreaks by using a fire alarm or water sprinklers, but what will happen if the alarm stops working because of an infringement or power failure?

Security fire watch services are present 24 hours at the premises when on-demand and follow all the safety protocols. Our guards are well educated and trained to conduct regular patrolling at the property and ensure the safety of the property and people in and around the property.

They help in emergency exits in case of fire breakage and alert emergency services in case of need. The guards are well equipped to improvise an entry and scout plan to control any mishappening.

Suppose there is a fire in a building; in that case, the critical aspect of fire protection is to identify the developing fire as soon as possible so that you can alert all the occupants and get fire emergency organizations involved.

One should have a fire detection and alarm system installed on their premises. Infrasecure can design and install suitable fire detection and alarm system for you.

In most cases, the building and site conditions are different; local regulations and standards vary from city to city, and various technologies exist in these systems. One needs to select the appropriate method and detectors and install them in the precise locations. Besides intelligent fire detection, alarm systems can be integrated into the building control systems and command other building systems to take smart actions.

Remember, one also needs to test and maintain the fire detection and alarm system regularly. It is not only for fire regulations but also to ensure the system can provide you with complete protection to minimize fire loss. We are here to offer you professional guidance and services.

The services provided by INFRASECURE are best in class and adhere to the Canadian insurance norms.